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My Story

Hi - I’m Claire! I am a Bachelor qualified Naturopath and Reiki practitioner who has had the lived experience of anxiety and I’m here to help other women feel empowered in their health and learn how to manage their anxiety so that they can live a life of alignment.


When I was in my early 20s, I saw an integrative doctor for the first time. I was not eating well, drinking a lot and basically didn’t take any responsibility for my own health or wellbeing. We made some simple (but not necessarily easy) changes to my diet and lifestyle which led me to feel the healthiest I had ever felt!

The anxiety I was experiencing became more manageable and this experience set me on the path to becoming a Naturopath as I wanted to help others feel as great as I did! I learned that my health is my responsibility and that I would need to take a holistic approach to health - addressing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of myself.

In 2020, I graduated as a Naturopath and now I work with women who are struggling with anxiety, overwhelm and fatigue to help them feel empowered in their health, using naturopathy and reiki so they can feel calm, connected and live a life of alignment, without solely relying on medication or years of therapy.

I believe that making simple changes in our current daily lives, leads to a profound change in our future health and wellbeing. By treating the whole person - body, mind and spirit, it allows the individual to gain a sense of "self" again which may have been absent for quite some time. I have a passion of encouraging my clients to connect with nature and rediscover their inherent health through the healing power of nature. I believe in taking the most natural and least invasive steps to begin healing, honouring the body's innate wisdom to be in a state of health.

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Anxiety can often feel like a vicious cycle that you’re unable to get out of no matter how hard you try. I believe that simple (not necessarily easy) diet and lifestyle changes can often have profound effects on our mental health. You may have tried many of them before to help manage your anxiety and be wondering what else there is that you could do.


The journey to managing anxiety and other mental health conditions is a holistic one - incorporating mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health - which is why I recommend using naturopathy and reiki to get to the root cause.

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Most people believe that if they eat healthy and “do” meditation it’ll “fix” their anxiety. However, what works for one person may not work for another.


That’s why it is important to work with someone who is not just going to give you a “protocol” but who will meet you where you are and help to empower you wherever you may be on your journey.


Health is not one size fits all. We want to build a foundation of health from the ground up through manageable inclusions and changes that are not going to leave you feeling overwhelmed.

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I know you are tired of feeling fatigued and burnt out from the anxiety cycle (I've been there!) and that this is causing you to feel like you’re not living your life the way you want.


My approach is based on supporting you to feel empowered in your mental and physical health so you don’t have to self-medicate or attend never-ending therapy.


The power is in your hands to create lasting change in your life, to give you the ability to live a life of alignment.