My Services
All offered online and face-to-face

$125 | 75 minutes

Initial appointments are a time for us to discuss your presenting complaint/s, personal medical history and the health journey you have been on up until this point in time, no matter where you may be on your journey. This will be a time for you to tell me about your health goals and what you would like to gain from our sessions together. My hope is that you leave this initial appointment feeling empowered within yourself to begin to make changes to support your optimal health. 

$75 | 45 minutes

Follow up appointments are a time to discuss the changes that you have made since the previous appointment, a check in to see how you have been going with any supplements or herbal treatments and a time to make any changes to our treatment strategy to support you and the continuation of your health journey. 

$45 | 15 minutes

Acute appointments are a time to discuss acute conditions (1 condition) such as immune support for cold and flu, stress relief, acute sleep issues. 

$70 | 60 minutes

These sessions can be done at anytime (you can go about your day) or you can book a time for you to lay down or sit in a meditative state to receive the healing in person or online. Following the session I will email you through a PDF of notes containing the messages that came through to me during your healing. This may include thoughts/feelings/imagery from each chakra point and messages from your higher self.